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A community decided to the slashy goodness that is JJ/Cook from E4's Drama "Skins"

Welcome to jjcook! A place to slash Skins Season 3's JJ and Cook, the bestest of buddies!

Here you can post fanfiction, fanvids, icons, fanart and over JJ/Cook goodness! XD There will be regular discussion posts after each episode in order for you all to squee about any JJ/Cook happenings as well as the rest of the gang.

Feel free to join and pimp in order to spread the slashy goodness! Make sure you read the rules opposite and adhere to them. We want this is to be a friendly, organised place to meet. Have fun! x


#1 - Please post content that only has to do with JJ/Cook. However JJ/Cook/Freddie is welcome :D Anything to do with Ollie Barbieri and Jack O'Connell is also welcome.
#2 - Please put all spoilers under a cut with a warning. This means any information regarding future episodes to air. Don't ruin people who do not wish to be spoiled's experience.
#3 - Please header fanfiction appropiately with a title, rating, warnings and summary at least. Remember to put the fic behind a working lj cut or fake lj cut (a link to it in your journal that looks tidy). If you have any trouble rating or posting a fic, please contact one of our mods.
#4 - Please tag your posts correctly! This saves time for people looking through for something! For a list of tags go HERE
#5 - Most importantly, please be nice and respectful of the other members of the community. We're all here for the same reason; because we love JJ and Cook! Not to pick fights!